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Webinar: 2020 Data & BI Trends. Analytics Alone Is Not Longer Enough

Technology is getting more powerful every day. We have countless ways to collect information and connect people, yet the world has become more fragmented than ever before. It’s ironic ― and it’s holding businesses back.

Webinar: IT & Finance join forces to open the door to the Intelligent Enterprise

Part 1: The IT side of transformation

Executives are looking to CFOs for data-based insights that propel the business forward. They’re calling on the finance team to be the organization’s “analytics powerhouse,” driving the analytics agenda for the business.

Webinar: 2 Accountants, 2 BPCs & Beyond

A podcast style debate around BPC Standard and Embedded, and how they have been deployed to deliver successful planning and consolidation solutions. Richard & Emiliyan will draw on first-hand experience of large complex implementations to discuss how BPC’s functionality has enabled highly configured business-orientated processes. They will explore the new tools in the SAP EPM space, SAC & Group Reporting and consider this in the context of the challenges they have experienced in recent project engagements.